Do you feel C Language is very difficult ? Maybe you haven't found the right one yet C Language learning route , Collect in case you can't find , Let you avoid detours .

Basic grammar

Select control statement if,swith

Loop control statement while,for

Control statement related keyword analysis

Variables store ( important )

Memory partition analysis

The definition form of various variables

The scope of various variables

The life cycle of various variables

Storage area of various variables

Notes on various variables

Deep analysis of static function and global function

One dimensional arrays and two-dimensional arrays

The precise definition of arrays

Rigorous initialization of array elements

In depth analysis of the reading and writing process of array elements

The precise definition of multidimensional array

Multidimensional array application operation

in addition , An array of three or more digits , Understanding can .

function ( important )

Definition of function 、 Statement 、 Call on three elements

Function definitions for various scenarios

Rigorous function declaration

Analysis of function calling process

Analysis of the nature of function parameters

Actual parameters 、 Detailed explanation of formal parameters

Function encapsulation process under specific requirements

Pointer and address ( difficulty , learn C, We have to figure out what the pointer is )

The definition and use of pointers

The relationship between pointer and basic type variable

The relationship between pointer and array

The relationship between pointer and function

The relationship between pointer and string

The relationship between pointers

Memory allocation

malloc function

Dynamic allocation and release of memory

Multiple dynamic allocation of memory


How structures package data structures

Structs and arrays 、 The pointer 、 Memory, etc

Structs implement the definition of bit variables

File operations

The operation process of the file

Sequential reading and writing of files

Random reading and writing of documents


macro 、 Deep analysis of macro function

Conditional compilation analysis of multiple scenarios

Standard header file writing

Preprocessing is busy before compiling

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